We have been developing safe products for mining, construction, offshore drilling, manufacturing, oil field, and refiing industries worldwide since 1990.

Thread Compounds provide an anti-galling seal on a wide range of threads including stainless steel, nickel, fiberglass, copper, as well as many other materials.

Valve Lubricants keep valves free moving, eliminates site contamination by providing continuous sealing of various LPG compositions, salt water.

Lubricant Sealant is a premium lubricant designed to provide continuous lubrication and sealing during service an after extended downtime periods.

Oils will outperform all standard gear-lubes over a wide application range. It contains an additive package which will withstand shock loads of up to 100,000 psi and can reduce wear by as much as 60% over conventional gear oil.

Greases are premium extreme pressure (EP) lubricant having adhesive and cohesive properties. This red no melt grease can reduce grease consumption by as much as 50% thus decreasing lubrication intervals.

Degreasers and Cleanersis are heavy-duty biodegradable liquid degreaser. It is formulated with a balanced blend of surfactants, mild solvent emulsifiers, detergents and other grease dissolving agents.