Who We Are

PLUSCO, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Houston based manufacturer of premium lubricants, sealants, specialty industrial products, greases, degreasers, cleaners, pipe dopes, wireline sealants, wireline sprays, thread compounds, honey oils, valve lubricants, and coatings for oil field use.

We have employed the strongest minds in the engineering field and scientific community to develop industrial products that not only perform well above industry standards, but exceed the rigors of regular use, and can pass PLUSCO laboratory and on-site testing. The future is available today, and PLUSCO can supply the means by which your company can compete on a higher level, and set a new and leading standard in your field.

Plusco Team


Our mission have based its primary efforts toward the innovation of environmentally friendly products that biodegrade naturally, pose no harm to the environment, are less expensive, and can out-perform current hazardous materials that have been in use. Our Team has been instrumental in developing a line of environmentally safe products for mining, construction, offshore drilling, manufacturing, oilfield and refining industries. Contrary to what most people believe, oilfield and other large scale operations (which include exploration, drilling and production) do not have to result in damage to an already fragile environment.

Plusco Team


The superiority of PLUSCO® patented design and development is that the end result is a cleaner environment, along with less down time for machinery, workers, and production sites. This in turn leads to better maintenance, cheaper costs for the customer, and greater financial rewards for industry. We not only engineer products that exceed protection standards for their intended use, but we think of the future, making sure once it is in the ground, the site will not be contaminated (due to patented biodegradable designs); we do this under-standing the benefits to our customers and the world in which we live.

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