Many of PLUSCO’s new products are being formulated with natural biodegradable oils that replace petroleum oils, or derivatives of petroleum oils. Further, other contaminants such as metallic lead, or other heavy metals are being replaced with inert or natural fillers which provide a cleaner well site and will not pollute run-off water. Our goal is to provide safe replacements for most of the hazardous or contaminating consumable products currently being used by mining, construction, offshore drilling, manufacturing, oilfield and refining industries.

Our sales staff is available at all times and extremely knowledgeable. There is no order to large for us to handle, we welcome bulk orders and can ship our product anywhere in the world. Large corporations that need huge quantity orders filled once, monthly, weekly, or on a need basis are no problem at all; PLUSCO can accommodate any supply schedule (large or small). Please feel free to contact us any time, we look forward to serving your Industrial and Oilfield needs.

Plusco Offshore Drilling Lubricants